Frequently asked questions about Eyelash Extensions...

General Important Information:

*Your eyelash extensions will not last long if you have really curled up 'afro' lashes. Even if we straighten them out during procedure and apply the mink lash on it, it will curl up again and the mink lash will just fly off.

*Eyelash extension procedure can not be done if you have mascara/eyeliner on, clean it off well before the procedure. Your eyelash extensions will not last long if you apply mascara/eyeliner or any oils on or near them. Only special water based mascara can be used and only on the ends of the lashes.

*Results will always vary from client to client. The application of eyelash extensions requires a platform of existing healthy natural eyelashes to work off. If you recently had strip lashes done, we strongly advice you to restore your destroyed lashes first with Revita Lash serum and then we can go from there!

*Keep in mind that Individual Eyelash Extensions are NOT strip on lashes in any way whatsoever! We are going for classy and fabulous look that preserves your natural lashes and the glue does not even touch the skin! (hence the reason patch test is not needed for this procedure)

* Are you mobile?

No, but we do have free parking and bus stops just outside our door!

* How about aftercare?


- Do not allow water, oils or creams to come in contact with your new lashes. Water is not a problem at all after the initial 24 hours.
- Avoid facial treatments & refrain from steam baths. It softens the glue which is not completely set.
- Don't use the sauna & avoid steam as this can affect the bonding process of your new lashes.


- Avoid the use of oil based products on the eyelash extensions as this will loosen the adhesive bond – i.e. eyeliner, mascara (particularly waterproof), oil based make-up remover, sun cream, etc.
- If you would like to use a mascara, ONLY use mascara suitable for eyelash extensions (water based).
- Be gentle with your eyelash extensions. Avoid rubbing or pulling them.
- Do not rub your eyes when washing your face. Always pat your face dry after cleansing.
- Do not use an eyelash curler as this could break the adhesive bond.
- Do not perm your eyelash extensions.
- Do not tint your eyelash extensions. If you require eyelash tint, this should be done 24 hours prior to the eyelash extension application procedure.


* How often will I need refills?

It is completely up to you when/if you choose to replace the lost lashes, but to maintain a stunning glamorous look refills are usually required every 3-4 weeks, depending how well you are looking after them.

Your eyelash extensions will fall out as your own lashes shed naturally. Most people lose an average of 3-5 lashes each day, so refills are recommended to keep lashes full and prevent them looking patchy.

 * Do your eyelash extensions make your natural lashes fall out?

Eyelash extensions don’t make your lashes fall out. Your lashes go through a life cycle on average of between 60 – 90 days and they all grow individually at different stages losing on average 3 – 5 lashes per day. You’re more aware of the lashes coming out when you have the extensions purely because your lashes are more noticeable.

* Can the lashes be removed?

The removal process is easy, but should only be undertaken by a trained professional. There is a special solution we use to remove the lashes with ease and without damaging the natural lash. You should never attempt to remove lash extensions by yourself.

* Can I use eye make-up and mascara?

We recommend you do not use waterproof mascara creams or removers which contain oil as these will weaken the bond, causing the extensions to loosen and fall off prematurely. Ideally water-based mascara should be used on the ends of the eyelash.

* Can I wear contact lenses?

Yes. As a precaution, we recommend contact lenses are removed for the application procedure in case there is a need to wash the eyes out. Contact lenses can be worn directly after treatment and throughout the the life of your eyelash extensions.

* Can I curl, perm or tint eyelash extensions?

No, if you want to maintain your eyelash extensions in good condition please avoid curling, perming and tinting your lashes as this will disturb the adhesive. These are not generally needed as the lashes we apply will give you the desired curl effect and enhance your eye shape.

* When my eyelash extensions came out, my natural lashes came with them, should this happen?

Some people worry when they see an eyelash extension come out with one of their eyelashes attached to it. Eyelash extensions are designed to stay on your lashes until your natural lash falls out, so when you see an extension come out with one of your lashes on it, don’t worry that’s exactly what’s supposed to happen, unless of course you catch the extension and pull it out prematurely.

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