Frequently asked questions about Permanent Make-Up...

* Why have Permanent Make-Up ?

Everyone wants to look the best they can, naturally. Think how convenient it would be to enjoy perfectly shaped eyebrows, wide-awake, pretty eyes and beautifully contoured lips, without the effort of time-consuming makeup rituals. All subtle, soft and perfectly in place with no smudging, no mess, no problem.

With permanent makeup you have the confidence of knowing you look the best you can look, right round the clock.

* Are you mobile?

No, but we do have free parking and bus stops just outside our door!

* Am I suitable for Permanent Make-Up ?

Most people are suitable for some form of permanent makeup. At the beauty lounge one of our technicians will explore with you precisely which treatments will suit you best. This is a one-to-one consultation and includes a discussion of your expectations and any features you wish to correct or balance. From this discussion, your technician will recommend the specific treatments she believes will achieve the effect you want and how it can be achieved.

 * How long will Permanent Make-Up last?

Permanent Make-up can last for several years but this is dependent on several factors including skin type, sun exposure and lifestyle.

Whilst it is ‘low maintenance’ it is not ‘no maintenance’. Rather like hair colour it will need refreshing but far less often.

We recommends a colour refresher treatment every twelve to eighteen months to maintain perfect results.

* Is Permanent Make-Up safe?

Absolutely. All pigments are made of natural minerals that are specifically selected for their safe, non-toxic and hypo allergenic properties. They are trusted by technicians and cosmetic surgeons throughout the world. Ophthalmologists actually recommend eye procedures for women sensitive to conventional cosmetics.

* Does Permanent Make-Up hurt?

The procedure is performed with your comfort in mind. For this reason, anesthetic gel is applied prior to treatment to minimize discomfort.

* What if I don't like the result?

Our technician will take great care to discuss treatments they know will enhance your face or body the way you want it to. They take so much trouble with this initial personal consultation, no client has ever been unhappy with the end result. Such care may not be universal in the industry, however, numerous new clients have come to the Beauty Lounge Simone asking to correct or improve treatments done elsewhere.


* Is Permanent Make-Up expensive?

Compared with many other cosmetic enhancements, for example dermal fillers and Botox which require frequent and costly maintenance, permanent makeup is a comparatively low cost option. However, in the cosmetic industry it is usually the higher end of the market which will deliver the most effective results. For this reason, quality of service should guide your decision rather than price alone when considering any cosmetic procedure.

Our policy is quite clear from our experience of seeing clients with unfortunately disappointing results from less reputable traders. This industry is largely unlegislated, so please do not be driven by price alone. If you cannot stretch to having a tried and trusted bespoke service which is endorsed by proven experienced results , then it is probably better to wait until you can. Likewise we often have a waiting list, this speaks volumes, please be patient and wait for the appointment. Permanent makeup is a long term option so rushing into this with someone who is immediately available could be a regrettable decision.

* Health & Safety standards?

Rest assured the equipment used is the latest and most technologically advanced. Like medical equipment, permanent cosmetic equipment is safe by design against cross contamination. Fully disposable ‘single use only’ applicator cartridges are used.

 * What next?

Now that you have discovered this revolutionary system, the next step is to arrange a consultation & procedure. At the consultation you will receive a fully personalized colour analysis, which will take into account your individual skin undertones, hair and eye colour. With the results, the pigment is then custom blended. No two people are the same so the pigment mix must be uniquely prescribed for each individual.

We then discuss your desired look and explain how this can be achieved. All permanent makeup procedures are drawn on first so that you can see how the shape will look. Our technicians never start a treatment without your approval, we have built our reputation on trust and patience to get it ‘right’.

Initial treatment can take up to two hours to complete, if required you will be booked for another treatment to improve the colour of the initial treatment as some of it fades away within few weeks, you will not have to pay extra for it, this is included in the price. Both appointments are generally arranged in two stages spaced at 4 to 6 weeks apart; this allows for a safe, comfortable and gradual treatment.

* Pre Procedural Advice

It is not advisable to tint perm or curl your eyelashes for one week prior to treatment and two weeks after. It is also not advisable to tint your eyebrows.

Please bring glasses to wear after your eyeliner procedure as contact lenses cannot be worn for 24 hours post procedurally. If you already suffer with cold sores you may be advised to use some oral or topical Zovirax to minimize the possibility of the treatment triggering an outbreak.


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